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  • OSA is an adventurous lady with mysterious origins.With Greek origins she brings glamour and sequins in this burned out velvet fabric woven into chiffon fabric.For the back panel we have used a different soft chiffon pieceand kept it longer than the front piece. Its an array of class and beauty. 

  • Penelope has soft waves of ruffles onthe front panel and a soft chiffon panelon the back, this lady is not shy she's, stylish and creative.

  • Florence the godly lady, blossoms with natural beautya simple beautiful soul.Created in a glitter fabric with a loose designwith added pleats on one side of the top to give it that rouging look because this lady might be simple but she is naturally elegant.

  • ALINA loves her horses so we'vecreated the buckle and chain pattern top, in a soft chiffon fabric,  its colourboasts her need to show off and for ashy girl why shouldn't she. 

  • Aliya is the signature dress of RUA LUJAthis one with sleeves asimple and elegant classic dress. 

  • Aliya is the signature dress of RUA LUJAsimple and elegant.

  • Narin is soft and shy, and beautiful on the outsidewith the classic houndstooth pattern. 

  • NOOR is created using polywool fabric for the more colder days, it's touch is softand look is simple and classy.

  • Faith has a fun loving personality teamed up with this soft knitted top is a perfect causal classy look. The back has a chiffon panel to soften the casual look. 

  • Charlotte is created as a ruffled waistcoattop, in the finest softest most delicate fabric. Its designed to give the illusionof a waistcoat yet its a top. 

  • Audery’s noble strength is bright and vibrantshe’s stylish with anything she puts together.A ray of sunshine is created with this soft chiffon fabricdesigned to look like an open shirt when it is a top.The back panel is in a black jersey fabric.

  • LILLIE is as simple and pure as the lace dress.In this beautiful lace, we have created A simple look with a touch of ruffle sitting on the chest area to cause some va-va-voom.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items