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  • ALINA loves her horses so we'vecreated the buckle and chain pattern top, in a soft chiffon fabric,  its colourboasts her need to show off and for ashy girl why shouldn't she. 

  • Valencia Evening Dress with details on neckline.

  • Adriana is  a two tone evening dress.

  • Aliya is the signature dress of RUA LUJAthis one with sleeves asimple and elegant classic dress. 

  • LANA is created with a beautiful wool cottonfabric with subtle pinstripe pattern.  We haveadded a few studs to the front for that classic simplelook an ideal dress for the office.

  • OSA is an adventurous lady with mysterious origins.With Greek origins she brings glamour and sequins in this burned out velvet fabric woven into chiffon fabric.For the back panel we have used a different soft chiffon pieceand kept it longer than the front piece. Its an array of class and beauty. 

  • The Alice maxi dress for the curve collectionin created from quality jersey fabric and fits sizes from 16-20 depends how tight or looseyou want it. 

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items