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In collaboration with the Ethical and Inclusive fashion line for Samanta Bullock. The fashion collection that is for everyone including wheelchair users.  

We are honoured to be part of the Samanta Bullock vision of inclusion, sustainability and ethical fashion line. When, we were asked to be part of the SB shop team, excitement was an understatement, having worked with Samanta prior to that, we believed in the same vision of inclusivity, that fashion is for everyone so this collaboration was screaming out “let’s make fashion pieces for everybody” !

RUA LUJA’s vision of ethical and inclusivity mirrored what Samanta wanted to begin, a revolution that has to begin somewhere and make exclusion a thing of the past. We don’t like to be excluded in everyday things so why fashion? Inclusion in the new black and the rest is passé. 

Together, Samanta and RUA LUJA created 5 collection pieces that all have a reason “why that design and fabric” behind it.  Each fabric and design has been carefully considered to include the seated position, for comfort, accessibility and to just feel sanguine.  Our stretchy fabrics also make that mundane task of trying different outfits on just that little easier when in a seated position, its easy access and comfy to wear.

The Collection

The Zipper Dress

The zipper dress is all about the easy access to getting on a dress, it has a concealed zip on each shoulder and a concealed zip on the side of the dress. We have used a stretchy fabric so the dress is nice and snug and easy to breath when seated.


The Eyelash Block Dress

The eyelash block dress is made using the finest crepe jersey fabric which has stretch. The design has a wide neckline and demure cap sleeves and is a loose look. We have used the fabulous eyelash chiffon fabric on the bottom of this dress, so when in a seated position it has the glamourous drop on the knees.


The Lace Dress

All the lace used on this dress is a stretch lace including the lace trim tie on the neckline. We have used stretch lace on the neckline and on the hem of the demure cap sleeves for the comfy feel. The lace trim is used as a drop tie feel for that little vintage glam look. It has a stretch belt so can be worn tucked in the waist. The additional slip which falls below the knee (not seen in the picture) is made from stretch fabric with stretch lace shoulder straps.


The Asymmetrical Block Dress

The asymmetrical block dress is an illusion dress for the midriff area. When in a seated position the black block in the middle area gives the illusion of hiding what doesn’t want to be seen. The asymmetrical design gives the illusion of an elongated figure as well as the fabulous fashion look. This look is created using morgan crepe jersey fabric which has a stretch to it and a great feel. The neckline is not hemmed it has been kept with the raw stitching look.


The Knit Crop Top

This crop top is a lightweight knit fabric great for summer and the colder days. This was designed for the practical and look at me look. We have added a red or grey block on the chest for the confidence boost. It is great to throw over any dress or vest top, wear as a casual look with that red lipstick and rock your day.